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RF Newsletter:
A rednecks famous last words...

RF Newsletter: <br>A rednecks famous last words...

Back in July, Randy Blythe and myself rolled down the entire stretch of Route 66 to give our creative souls a jump start of insanity. So much came out of that trip including a phrase that sticks in my head daily. I told him that I never hire a stunt man...

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RF Newsletter:
Do What You Love

RF Newsletter: <br>Do What You Love

"Do What You Love" Since I was 18 years old I wanted my own record company and recording studio. I haven't built the recording studio yet (It's coming when I find the right location), but I did launch my recorded company NDR Records last year. Today I find myself sitting in my...

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2017 Newsletter #08
Someone... somewhere... a lonely journey that leads nowhere.

2017 Newsletter #08 <br>Someone... somewhere... a lonely journey that leads nowhere.

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LOUD, LIVE & In A Dive!
OBS brings California Rock n' Roll to Payson, UT!

LOUD, LIVE & In A Dive! <br>OBS brings California Rock n' Roll to Payson, UT!

NDR Records presents LOUD, LIVE, & In A Dive with Orange Blossom Special! California Rock n' Roll invades Payson, UT for the national holiday known at RECORD STORE DAY!!! Orange Blossom Special will be doing an in store at Cut & Scratch for Record Store Day where they'll be signing the...

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Who the F#@K is Rob Fenn

One of Rock & Roll’s premier photographers, Rob Fenn has over a decade of media and design tread on the soles of his Converse sneakers. Fenn lives his life at the intersection of photography street and music boulevard, where he has quickly become as big of a brand as the artists he captures. Fenn’s photography career began in 2009 when he shot platinum-selling artists, Avenged Sevenfold in concert. After experiencing the rush of capturing their live show, Fenn was hooked and ready to make concert photography his life’s passion. Within two short years, Rob was on the road with the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival shooting Avenged Sevenfold on their headlining tour across America. Since then, Fenn has toured all over the world spanning 27 countries including Russia and Japan.

In May 2015, Fenn opened up a Barber Shop, Coffee Shop, Record Shop all in one named Cut & Scratch located in Salem, UT. Cut & Scratch is no stranger to Rob’s rock and roll family stopping by while they’re out on the road. A second location in Brooklyn, NY is in the works to open soon.

In April 2016, NDR Records was launched by Fenn. A true indie label with world wide distribution through Warner Bros ADA. Fenn's label features artists The Boxmasters and Orange Blossom Special.

Rob’s next adventure is in the world of film. Stay tuned for this madness! 

Fenn is proudly represented by In De Goot Entertainment, and is never far away from his ’63 Ford Thunderbird and the open road.
 Fenn at the beach, photo by Randy Blythe
Fenn at the Sunset Marquee in Hollywood, photo by Billy Bob Thornton