2017 Newsletter #05 <br>YOU GUYS RULE!!!

2017 Newsletter #05


I am so STOKED to report this week we passed the $10,000.00 mark for money raised by the weekly photo for the Best Friends Animal Society!!! We started this past June and you guys have been amazing with this project!!! We are truly helping out together to SAVE THEM ALL!

The next weekly photo is Chester from Linkin Park. I snapped this at a LP show in TX, and really dig how it prints out on canvas. Grab one for yourself or for the Linkin Park fan in your life! 

In other Rob Fenn news,

NDR Records is gearing up this year for tours with both it's artists. The Boxmasters: The "TEA SURFING" Tour 2017 and Orange Blossom Special: "LOUD, LIVE, & IN A DIVE". Also, I am going to be announcing another artist NDR Records will be signing very soon!

Cut & Scratch looking for the next Cut & Scratch apprentice to learn from our very own Master Barber "Drew White", and join our crazy rock n roll family. Basically, this is your chance to get paid to go to school, and your classroom is my shop! Message Cut & Scratch via Facebook if you are interested.

Rob Fenn, Inc I am headed out this weekend on one of the coasts where cellphones, internet, and other modern communication is non-existent, to sit down with a pen and pad and start writing till the fingers bleed and my mind explodes!!! Loving the film world, such a crazy outlet to be creative in.

Who The F#@k Is Rob Fenn It has been so rad seeing everyone sign up for a membership. I am in the process of sending out the first newsletter and membership kits now and they should be hitting everyone soon. I love that we are going old school with this and I feel very honored to have so many people want to be a part of it. Learn more at www.RobFenn.com and sign up today!

ANJEL SKULL Is my lovely girlfriend Anjelica's lingerie company. She does beautiful hand made lingerie and has just launched her new website www.AnjelSkull.com Her work has been in a grip of music videos and magazines, and I couldn't be more proud of how hard she works. If you get a chance check out the site and follow her on the socials.

One last thing and then my rambling will be over until next week, What is your favorite social media outlet? I am on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Insta, and more... But I find my go to is Instagram. Curious to see what yours is if any, tag me on your favorite social media!

All the best,


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