2017 Newsletter #08 <br>Someone... somewhere... a lonely journey that leads nowhere.

2017 Newsletter #08
Someone... somewhere... a lonely journey that leads nowhere.

I love the phrase, "Someone... somewhere... a lonely journey that leads nowhere." What is it from? It's an opening line from a project I am working for a short film. I can't get it out of my head. The motel sign photo is what triggered the line while I was rolling down Route 66. It's crazy where things start and where they end.

My photography career started with me trying to launch my own radio station and ended up with me chasing musicians around the world. My film career started with my trying to get a pretty girl in my car and ended up with me.... Well we will see sooner than later.

Wherever life takes me I try to enjoy the ride. Some days it is easier than others, but I have found at the end of the day there's always something you can laugh or smile about, even if it is for just a brief moment of time.

Not sure where this rambling is headed, but now you can see my writing process, I just write down everything that is swimming in my melon, then go back and roll through the madness.

In other Rob Fenn news....

NDR Records is keeping busy with the LOUD, LIVE, In A Dive with Orange Blossom Special kicking off tomorrow in California! The first leg of the tour goes until April 29th, and the second leg fires up June 11th on the east coast. If you have a favorite dive bar let me know. I'd love to have OBS stop by and party with you.

The Boxmasters "Tea Surfing" tour kicks off April 4th in California and goes until May 9th. Tickets and Meet & Greet packages on sale now at www.TheBoxmasters.com

Cut & Scratch is gearing up to be open 7 days a week starting in May and will also be adding another barber to the Cut & Scratch family.

ANJEL SKULL has launched a new line called "Cut Your Teeth" that Anjelica has been sewing away on for the past month. You can check it out at www.AnjelSkull.com

Rob Fenn, Inc is currently designing a limited edition hard cover photo book that will be released in March 2017. It'll be a collection of Rob Fenn photo captured through a Leica Monocrom camera. Only 100 produced, and each one signed and numbered by Rob Fenn.

Thank you for subscribing to the newsletter, and for supporting my work.

All the best,


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