The First Rule of Cut & Scratch is there is NO Cut & Scratch!

"The first rule of Cut & Scratch is there is NO Cut & Scratch!"

I am sure for a lot of you reading that made you instantly think of the movie Fight Club. For those who didn't you need to take a step back and soak in life for a moment. 

It's been a busy week getting the shop opened in it's new location. On Wednesday the city of Payson granted me the business license and we were able to open the doors. On Friday we had the more costumers in a day then we ever had at the old location. This was with no sign out front, so the joke became... "The first rule of Cut & Scratch is there is NO Cut & Scratch!"

Today I put up a temporary sign on the door while we wait for all the signage to get installed next week. I am so happy with Payson City letting us bring the madness to their town. Our neighbors in this complex are so cool. We have a tattoo shop, donut shop and pizza surrounding us. It's going to be an insane adventure here! 

As far as Brooklyn, looks like we could be in as soon as January 2017. I am headed out there November 16 to check it all out. Looking forward to bringing some redneck flavor to the city!!

Another thing I have been working on is Halestorm prints from "to Hale and Back..." I went through the book and picked 8 photos to release. 

Photo #1: Page 5
This shot came from Louisiana of Arejay sitting on a road case backstage. My favorite part of this photo is his shirt! The irony of he's shirt on him is priceless!

Photo #2: Page 53
This shot was in London, England at the world famous Apollo Hammersmith. We were doing a show with Slash & Myles Kennedy, the band was walking into the venue and I was able to grab this shot. One of my favorites with all of them. Every time I see this one it reminds me of that amazing show. So surreal to see them perform at such an iconic place.

Photo #3: Page 86
This shot was from El Paso, TX and was the first time Amy Lee and LZZY Hale performed together on stage. They did a timeless version of Halestorm's song "Break In". Which become a regular performance on the rest of the tour.

Photo #4: Page 137
This shot was from Florida during an interview with Rockline the day The Strange Case of... was released. My favorite thing about this shot is it was the first night I was with the band taking photos. We were headed out on tour the next day. Funny thing is I was only suppose to be out for 5 shows and to this day they still haven't gotten rid of me!

Photo #5: Page 208
This was snapped at the O2 in London, England during sound check. Little back story with this show, a smoke machine that keep setting of the fire alarm. When the fire alarm goes off it would shut off the PA. All night no one know if the PA was going to kick off or night. It didn't, however if it did LZZY was ready to bust out a Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin if it did. One day I'll release the video of LZZY singing Mercedes Benz in a Tokyo hotel room during an interview I did with her. It's AMAZING!!!

Photo #6: Page 231
Another shot from that same London show. Joe and myself took off looking for a phone booth to get this shot. Finding the phone booth wasn't hard, finding a phone booth that didn't have porn ads taped all over inside it was a bit challenging.

Photo #7: Page 240
This one makes my day every time I see it! We were in Koln Germany in a small pub, and I asked LZZY to play this old school piano so I could get a shot. FYI you're not allowed to play this piano and when a crazy German lady is yelling out you from behind the bar it's not because she thinks your the guy she's taking home that night, it's because you are not suppose to touch the FUCKING piano!!!

Photo #8: Page 258
This one was the first show I did with them. It was the Mass Chaos Tour with Godsmack and Staind. They just were seeing their back drop for the first time.

I'll be releasing more prints from the book here and there, and letting everyone know the story behind the shot. I am so thankful to have produced this book and be able to look back and remember so many memories with such amazing people I now proudly call family! Hit up www.RobFenn.com to grab a print or two!

One more thing before I go, This weeks Rob Fenn Weekly Photo to benefit the Best Friends Animal Society is Alice Cooper!!! So far this series has raised $7,625 to Save Them All!!! I am so grateful to all of you who have support this.

All the best,


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