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A rednecks famous last words...

Back in July, Randy Blythe and myself rolled down the entire stretch of Route 66 to give our creative souls a jump start of insanity. So much came out of that trip including a phrase that sticks in my head daily. I told him that I never hire a stunt man to drive Marilyn on film, and Randy tells me,

"You know what a rednecks famous last words are right?"

I reply,
"No, what are they?"

Randy calmly replies..

"I've got this, here hold my beer!" 

I still laugh to myself every time I fire Marilyn up and haul ass down the road, because all I hear is those famous last words of a redneck!

This week I have been working on designing a new Rob Fenn website. Trying to incorporate everything I do from film to photography, the Record company and also Cut & Scratch. Needless to say the design process of this is taking more time then I planned on. Yet, I am reminded again and again in life, anything worth doing takes hard work and patience, and a whole lot of four letter words I learned from my grandfather playing golf.

In other Rob Fenn news....

NDR Records is looking to sign another band to it's label! I have it narrowed down to a couple right now, and hopefully in May will announce a new act.

Orange Blossom Special is out on the 'LOUD, LIVE, & In A Dive tour' rolling across America. We have three legs of this tour and currently are in the first one. Learn more at www.OrangeBlossomSpecial.net

The Boxmasters "Tea Surfing" tour kicks off April 4th in California and goes until May 9th. Tickets and Meet & Greet packages on sale now at www.TheBoxmasters.com

Cut & Scratch is staked to have NDR Records recording artists Orange Blossom Special doing and in store on April 22nd, and also The Boxmasters on May 10th! Learn more at www.CutScratch.com

ANJEL SKULL Anjelica is working on some custom  bracelets right now. Really excited for them to be released to everyone. Check out her new "Cut Your Teeth" line at www.AnjelSkull.com 

Rob Fenn, Inc I am editing away on a film project that will be released in November 2017. Love this part of my career. Film just has so many creative avenues to adventure down and I am exploring as many as I possibly can!

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