RF Newsletter: <br>Do What You Love

RF Newsletter:
Do What You Love

"Do What You Love"

Since I was 18 years old I wanted my own record company and recording studio. I haven't built the recording studio yet (It's coming when I find the right location), but I did launch my recorded company NDR Records last year. Today I find myself sitting in my office listening to the test pressing of our first release on vinyl as a company, "Tea Surfing" by The Boxmasters

It's so surreal to sit here typing this while thinking about that 18 year old punk kid that had nothing but dreams and determination swimming around in his melon. THANK YOU to Mark Woodcock,  The BoxmastersOrange Blossom Special, and all my friends in the industry that made all this insanity possible.

In other Rob Fenn news....

NDR Records is looking to get Orange Blossom Special's new single "Clockwork" into rotation on radio. I would love to hear what radio station you listen to so we can hit them up to play it! Tweet, post or whatever, but let me know what station you listen to! OBS is currently out on the LOUD, LIVE, and In A Dive tour!

The Boxmasters "Tea Surfing" tour kicks off April 4th in California and goes until May 9th. Tickets and Meet & Greet packages on sale now at www.TheBoxmasters.com

Cut & Scratch is exited for Record Store Day coming up April 22nd, and is currently in search of our next barber to add to our crazy family. If you know someone that's great with a blade and people have them hit me up. 

ANJEL SKULL's new line "Cut Your Teeth" is killing it!!! You can check it out at www.AnjelSkull.com I am not sure if I am suppose to say anything but Anjelica is working on these RAD bracelets she'll be releasing soon. Stay tuned for that madness.

Rob Fenn, Inc I just finished the "Who the F#@K Is Rob Fenn" newsletter. I had so much fun doing it I am going to release one every month instead of quarterly!! THANK YOU to everyone who has joined that craziness. 

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