T.H.A.B. Page 231
(Canvas Print)


"Joe and myself took off looking for a phone booth to get this shot in London, England. Finding the phone booth wasn't hard, finding a phone booth that didn't have porn ads taped all over inside it was a bit challenging." -Rob Fenn


18" x 24" photo print of Page 231 signed by Rob Fenn (Item not framed)

THE BOOK: Purchased to HALE and BACK...

12″ x 9″, 272 page hard cover photo book titled ‘To HALE and BACK…’ created by Halestorm and photographer Rob Fenn.

"Dearest Freaks, Lzzbians and Storm Chasers around the world; It’s because of music I exist, and it’s music that has brought us all together. Thank you for being my enablers. I have this wonderful journey that I’m on, because of you. Here’s a collection of the moments we’ve shared! Hope you enjoy! Rock Forward!” - LZZY Hale

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