Route 66 Collection

On July 4th of 2016, photographers Rob Fenn and Randy Blythe embarked on a two week road trip running the entirety of Old Route 66, from its start near Navy Pier in Chicago to its absolute end on the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. Accompanied by Fenn's dog Bella, they made the journey in Marylin, a black 1963 Thunderbird. The trip turned out to be quite eventful, including downhill brake failures in Missouri, a near-death collision in Oklahoma, sketchy cliff diving in New Mexico, and side trips to camp by the Grand Canyon in Arizona and explore rattlesnakefilled abandoned mining towns in Nevada. Armed with Leica rangefinders, the two friends shot a few thousand photos along the way. Afterwards, Fenn and Blythe each selected and edited five images they felt captured the feel and emotion of what they witnessed along the way as they rode the old mother road. The images are now available for sale to collectors in a limited edition of 25 signed and numbered prints per photo.