HALESTORM: T.H.A.B. Page 240
(Canvas Print)


"This one makes my day every time I see it! We were in Koln Germany in a small pub, and I asked LZZY to play this old school piano so I could get a shot. FYI you're not allowed to play this piano and when a crazy German lady is yelling out you from behind the bar it's not because she thinks your the guy she's taking home that night, it's because you are not suppose to touch the FUCKING piano!!!" -Rob Fenn


18" x 24" photo print of Page 240 signed by Rob Fenn (Item not framed)

THE BOOK: Purchased to HALE and BACK...

12″ x 9″, 272 page hard cover photo book titled ‘To HALE and BACK…’ created by Halestorm and photographer Rob Fenn.

"Dearest Freaks, Lzzbians and Storm Chasers around the world; It’s because of music I exist, and it’s music that has brought us all together. Thank you for being my enablers. I have this wonderful journey that I’m on, because of you. Here’s a collection of the moments we’ve shared! Hope you enjoy! Rock Forward!” - LZZY Hale

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